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811 W Washington St.

San Diego, CA, 92103

Say Lula Salon - A Group of Highly Educated Hair Stylists in San Diego

619.702.6592 | 811 W Washington St, San Diego, CA, 92103 |

Hair cuts, color, extensions :: Exciting fashion-forward style :: Women, Men, Children

San Diego locals know this location well. It’s the former location of the infamous “Sausage King” 

(811 W Washington Street, San Diego, CA 92103)! Abe Froman would sooo get his hair done here.

Say Lula has some of the most talented hair stylists excelling in hair cut and  hair color services in San Diego.   

If you are looking for a hairdresser in San Diego look no further!

Say Lula is looking for clients who are:

  • Committed to looking their best

  • Willing to make changes

  • Fun and energetic

  • Open to new experiences

Our core Values are to be educated with the newest styles and hair cuts, to  have fun, to welcome each client into our living room, to provide the  most up to date styles that complement each individual's personality and to provide an edgy, urban, industrial atmosphere.

Fashion, hair, and lifestyle are one package.  

Hairdressers are image makers.

​If your hair isn't becoming to you,
​you should be coming to us!